Space Week Success 2013

We had a fun-filled educational Space Week 2013 here at Geography, TCD. We don’t want to let it go so here is a reminder…



Image 1: The Abalos Undae dune field,

the dunes appear blue because of their basaltic composition.


Image 2: Our very own astronaut ,  Aoife Kavanagh


Image 3: Sand dunes rich in the mineral olivine, this type of dune is very rare on Earth.


Image 4: Eroded channels filled with bright ice,

this melts away during the summer leaving empty channels.


Image 5: Comet making workshop


Image 6: A crater containing an opening to an underground

cavern on the dusty slopes of the Pavonis Mons volcano


Image 7: Workshop with Gavin Kenny, Geology, TCD


Image 8: Crater with intersecting polygons. These features give scientists clues about

current and past ice distributions and climate conditions.


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