Global Carbon Emissions

The below map highlights the carbon emissions per country. Seen on the map below:

The worlds highest carbon emitter is China at 9628 MtCO2 followed by the US at 5122 MtCO2, however, China has a population of 1 billion people more than the US. Here in Ireland we have ranked at number 71, with 36 MtCO2 emitted in 2012.  Mali is number 170 with only 0.6 MtCO2 emitted for a population of 14 million people. Lesotho ranks last with 0 MtCO2 emissions.

To determine your own country, see the map. An interactive version of this map as well as important information regarding carbon emissions can be found on the Global C Atlas website.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 14.02.43

Image 1: Map depicting the carbon emissions globally

As we enter into a new year, lets hope we can aim to reduce these emissions dramatically.

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