Inspiring young activists at Eco-Unesco event

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Prof Anna Davies, PI of the Consensus research project, gave a keynote address, ‘Water in our World’, at the Eco-Unesco, ‘Young Citizens for Water’ event in November 2013. At the event, over 60 young people from across Ireland between ages 15 and 18 got together for speed networking with policy makers and experts; debate, discussion and action planning – all centred on the theme of youth education on water issues. Given the establishment of Irish Water and impending water charges, greater public awareness of water issues is vital and action by organisations such as Green Schools and Eco-Unesco are fundamental to this effort. Prof Davies spoke about global water issues, and challenges of sustainable water consumption in our homes referencing findings from Consensus’s research. The aim of the event is outlined in the extract from Eco-Unesco’s website below and more can be found at here.


Young people are vital stakeholders in the present and future of this planet; the aim of this project is to raise awareness on water issues including water and food, water scarcity, water and biodiversity and challenges facing water management. The objective of the seminar was to engage young people in a structured dialogue about water with a focus on youth-led initiatives. During the meeting young people learned more about water issues and met with Irish policy makers and experts and had the opportunity to ask questions and take part in exciting workshops on specific themes. From the two day meeting, the young people were able to formulate eco-action plans for their own communities which they will carry out over the next few months in an effort to raise awareness and combat a local water issue. Young people will return to the Greenhouse in January 2014 to learn how to create their very own water awareness film. 

Young Citizens for Water was a very fruitful two days and in January 2014 all participants will return to the Greenhouse for a film making workshop. Following this, the participants will make their own film regarding water issues which will be premiered in May 2014 at the Young Environmentalist Awards Final. The films will be shown in the young people’s local areas and will be used to influence local decision makers. 

Themes of the Young Citizens for Water National  Youth Meeting: 
1.Water Quality (to include water quality and water sanitation) 
2.Water and Food (to include food security and agriculture) 
3.Water and People (to include human rights to water, water and gender, water scarcity) 
4.Water and Biodiversity (to include the importance of water for biodiversity) 
5.Water and Places (to include water in cities and rural areas) 
6.Water and the Green Economy (to include water and the Green Economy) 
7.Youth Participation (to include the importance of youth) 

Courtesy of consensus


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