Want a Baby Shaped Pear?

Would you pay extra for novelty shaped fruit? Well this man in China is taking it to a new level in producing baby shaped pears. Have a look:

While this may seem a bit of a novelty, it may be more than that. Fruits can be grown into various shapes using molds, such as those sold by the website Fruit Mould.

This may be an odd experience, but our perceptions and treatment of shapes of food is not a new thing. The E.U., for example, have regulations regarding the mathematical limits to the produce we eat, such as the acceptable ‘practically straight’ cucumber that should have a maximum arc of 10 mm height per 10 cm of the length, or the ‘not forked, free from secondary roots’ carrot.

Are baby shaped pears and heart shaped melons just plain craziness or just an extreme extension to our already picky choices?

Food for thought (sorry for the pun – had to be done!!)

For more see:

National Geographic: Pears like little Buddhas 


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