Mapping Language on the Tube

If you have ever spent time in London you will know that it is a very diverse and multicultural city. As a result, there are a plethora of languages that you would hear in any given day. This is especially evident when travelling on the tube.

Map of languages on the tube
Map of languages on the tube

The diversity of languages along the tube has been mapped by Oliver O’Brien, researcher in geovisualisation and web mapping at University College London’s department of geography. O’Brien has created an interactive map showing what the most common second language is at certain tube stops across London. O’Brien used 2011 Census data to map the second most commonly spoken language that people who live nearby speak.

The interactive map also contains other information about tube journeys in London, including an interesting breakdown of the occupation of locals near tube stations.

See see the map click here: Tube Map

For a news report click here: London’s second languages mapped by tube stop


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