Recent Graduates: Kevin Lougheed


Thesis title: National Education and the State: An historical geography of national schools in pre-Famine Ireland

Kevin’s thesis examined the historical geography of national education in pre-Famine Ireland. Kevin identified the emergence of distinct regions of national school establishment after the emergence of a state regulated education system in 1831. Spatial analysis illustrated that geographic variations in social structure on a national level was important in the emergence of national school regions, with the presence of significant middle social strata playing a key role in the establishment of national schools. Detailed studies on the various national school regions illustrated that the emergence of regions was a result of the spatial variation in the interplay between the context specific network of social relations and the rationale of the state. The empirical and historical analysis was framed within a theoretical framework which utilised several social and state theories. With the aid of Michel Foucault’s Governmentality and Bob Jessop’s strategic-relational approach, the geography of national education in Ireland was understood in the wider context of attempts of the British administration to shift social relations in the British Empire in the nineteenth-century.

Kevin’s supervisor for this project was Dr. Mark Hennessy.

Since graduating in 2014 Kevin has been the Teaching Fellow in TCD Geography.



Lougheed, K., 2013. ‘National education and empire: Ireland and the geography of the national education system.’ In: Dickson, D., Pyz, J., and Shepard, C. (eds.) Irish Classrooms and the British Empire: Imperial contexts in the origins of modern education. Four Court Press: Dublin.

Lougheed, K., 2014. ‘Not so much for their sake as its own’: the state and the geography of national education in pre-Famine Ireland.’ Historical Geography 42: 72–92.

Lougheed, K., (forthcoming). ‘The regional dimension of national education in pre-Famine Ireland.’ Irish Geography, 42 (2): 49-74.

Lougheed, K., (under review). ‘An unhallowed system and an iniquitous scheme’: The influence of Archbishop John McHale on the geography of national education in the West of Ireland.

Lougheed, K., (under review). ‘After the manner of the Irish schools’: The influence of Irish national education in the British Empire.


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