New PostGraduate (2015) in TCD Geography (3)

A (belated) welcome to Mr Immanuel Darkwa to the Geography Department 

Immanuel will be working with Dr Susan Murphy on a humanitarian Innovation topic that explores the potential of adopting a bottom up approach and open innovation models to stimulate sustainable product innovations for refugee and displaced communities.

Given the length of time that communities can find themselves displaced, and the level of disruption to everyday life, this research examines practices of adaption and innovation employed by displaced communities and refugees in response to their new circumstances and to meet their needs. It examines these practices in the context of open innovation models to identify collaborative paths/platforms to insight, develop and diffuse adequate innovations for such communities.


I completed both BSc & MSc degrees in Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.

After years of working for industry across the globe, I have recently spent time developing a shelter solution for displaced communities. It incorporates a patented technology allowing innovatively for adaptation and long term living. Innovation for the sector is very important,so I have returned to academia to deepen my knowledge on the sector and to acquire valuable skills.

I see the need for adequate sector specific innovations and I am glad to be an Irish Research Council scholar with the Department of Geography in TCD’s School of Natural Sciences exploring the potentials within this space.

I spend part of my time lecturing Innovation, Technology Assessment and insighting ideas around humanitarian Innovation.



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