CONSENSUS researchers at TCD publish WASHlabs report


Findings from WASHlabs interactive installation at the HOME/SICK Exhibition at the Science Gallery, Dublin {May 1st to 19th July 2015}

Clean, fresh water is a fundamental requirement for life, but access to this precious resource will become increasingly unpredictable around the globe as the climate changes. As a result, paying greater attention to how we use water in our everyday lives will be an important part of sustainable water resource management in the future, wherever we live. While around a third of all water used in the home is for personal washing, little is known about the routines of how and why people wash.

WASHLab invited visitors to pull back the shower curtain and join an innovative collaborative research project to share their washing habits and explore how they could change these habits to reduce water consumption while still achieving the needs of comfort, cleanliness and convenience. By completing
 an anonymised survey, visitors 
to WASHLab contributed 
to greater understanding of why people wash and also indicate which mechanism for reducing water consumption while washing they are most likely to adopt.

Highlighting the range of washing behaviours that people engage in, WASHLab brought novel insights into the factors shaping domestic water use and the steps needed to create appropriate tools, rules, skills and understandings for more sustainable washing in an uncertain future.

Results from this interactive WASHLab installation are available to download here.


Blog Authored by Professor Anna Davies from the geography department & the CONSENSUS Principal Investigator.

Project was funded by the EPA. 



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