Cycle the Andes Challenge

Our Geosciences colleagues and students at TCD on the Rocks are beginning their fundraising to run a field module to the Andes.

Support them at: Crowdfunding:

The Geology Department is organising a world-class field school for Trinity geology undergraduates in the Argentine Precordillera. However, we need to fundraise ~€10K to ensure that all students, regardless of their financial background, can be included.

To help achieve this ambitious goal, participating students and staff are being sponsored to cycle the length of the Andes in Front Square on standing bikes. This ‘Cycle The Andes Challenge’ will start on Mon 26 Sept (tomorrow) at 9 am and we’d love it if you would help us keep the wheels turning!

There will be 4 standing bikes under a small tent just in front of the campanile between 9 am – 5 pm from Mon 26th – Fri 30th. We would be very grateful if you would donate any amount of your time and energy to riding one of these bikes. Please use the link below to sign up to a slot of time on either Bike 1-4. We need all bikes filled all the time to meet the challenge!

Also, here are links to our ‘Cycle The Andes’ crowdfunding site that is now live! Please, please, please like and share the link from our ‘On The Rocks’ Facebook and Twitter pages…





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