A warm welcome to Jane Feeney!  

Jane Feeney will be supervised by Prof. Anna Davies with co-supervision from Prof. Yvonne Buckley. Her PhD research project, funded by the Irish Research Council, will investigate biodiversity offsetting with a focus on Colombia.

Biodiversity loss remains a global meta-challenge, threatening water and food supply and contributing to climate change. Increasingly, and in response to this challenge, the use of market-based approaches to conservation are being put forward by governments, industry and other actors as a way to meet conservation objectives while simultaneously supporting economic growth and development. One of these approaches, biodiversity offsetting, aims to compensate for biodiversity loss as a result of development projects (e.g. infrastructure development or mining) by conserving or restoring biodiversity of equivalent ‘value’ elsewhere.

As the practice of biodiversity offsetting expands globally, there is a need to critically evaluate their form, governance and impacts in territories beyond the Global North. In Latin America and the Caribbean for example, the most biodiverse region of the world, market based approaches are increasingly being used in both voluntary and regulatory frameworks. Colombia is one of the countries taking a lead in the region, and implemented a regulatory framework requiring biodiversity offsetting in 2012. The research will examine how biodiversity is valued by different groups of actors and the impacts of applying offsetting in particular contexts within Colombia.



Jane holds a BA in International Marketing and Languages (Spanish/French) from DCU and an MA in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. She has eight years’ experience working in communications in the private, public and non-profit sectors in London, Barcelona and India, and has travelled through South America and parts of Asia. It was through her Masters that her passion was ignited for researching and writing on environmental policy and international development, which inspired her to pursue this PhD.


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