I am Assistant Professor in Smart and Sustainable Urbanism at Trinity College Dublin, and my work is positioned at the intersection of urban geography, political philosophy and experimental urbanism. I look at how ideas of sustainability are cultivated and implemented across geographical spaces, with a focus on projects for eco-cities and smart cities.

Over the years, I have been doing empirical research in the Middle East and Southeast Asia where I have investigated the sustainability performance of cities like Masdar City in Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. I have also worked for the United Nations and the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as a consultant and horizon scanner, trying to foresee upcoming urban challenges and develop preventive policies.



Before joining Trinity, I was lecturing at the University of Manchester. I did my Ph.D. at King’s College London and that was my first encounter with Geography. Prior to that, I had been living in Sardinia (that’s where I am from), studying political science and philosophy (and often going to the beach).

I spend most of my free time playing guitar and engaging with different forms of escapism.


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