Some thoughts on the recent Irish Geomorphology Group (IGGy) Early Careers Workshop.

Over the four years of my undergraduate degree studying Earth Science in TCD, I have often been asked by my friends, my family, my long distant Aunt, ‘Eamonn!! Earth Science!! What is that exactly?’ and ‘What exactly are you planning to do with this degree on completion?’ My generic response has been ‘well first, it’s all the good stuff from geology and geography mixed together and second, I’m not really sure’. Thankfully my recent experience attending IGGy’s annual workshop has given me an answer to the second part of the question, or at least I’m able to flesh it out a bit.

The workshop that took place at the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) Headquarters in Beggars Bush, Dublin, brought together an eclectic mix of academics, postgrads, PhD candidates, and myself the sole, but not lonely, undergrad (my earth science colleagues were attending a geological career’s fair in Scotland). After a brisk walk to Beggars Bush from the Trinity campus, following on from an engaging lecture by Professor Steven Tooth, a series of 30 min presentations were given by some excellent speakers. Thought provoking and entertaining, they crossed a number of topics ranging from presentation skills to employment prospects, the latter certainly piqued the interest in the room.

The workshop concluded with a social gathering of some hungry, thirsty and content geomorphological researchers, attending a meal in a local restaurant. Everyone was in great spirits after a successful day and many of the current debates in Irish Geomorphology were solved by the end of the night. I would like to thank Niamh and Ciara, who organised an excellent event, the success of the workshop being a testament to their attention to detail and professionalism. Thank you also to the fantastic presenters and the GSI for facilitating the event. After being inspired by some great people I met throughout the day, I hope to attend again next year having gained my degree and hopefully on the road to achieving a masters.

Blog Authored by: Eamonn Burke, 4th year Earth Science student at the University of Dublin, Trinity College.